Bunny double act star in textbook

3:30pm Saturday 1st February 2014

BEAUTIFUL bunnies from Hartford are helping rabbit owners learn how to look after their pets.

Buddy and Cleo, owned by Hartford woman Heather Pinchien, are the cover stars on the Textbook of Rabbit Medicine, written by their vet Molly Varga, from Holmes Chapel.

The duo are also pictured inside the book alongside Heather’s old bunny Carlos.

She said: “I am so proud of them and am really glad their pictures are being used to help people learn more about rabbit care and hopefully improve rabbit welfare.

“Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, but unfortunately a huge number are still mistreated or just kept in a hutch at the bottom of the garden.

“My bunnies live in a summer house with a run attached and have lots of toys, tunnels, boxes and a sandpit to dig in.

“When you see them it is very hard to imagine a bunny with a life in a hutch.”

Heather took the photographs herself and her pictures have also appeared in RSPCA leaflets, posters, booklets and videos.

Molly Varga, who works at Cheshire Pet, in Holmes Chapel, has been vet to Heather’s rabbits for four years, and it is not the first time they have worked together.

Last year Buddy and Cleo were filmed with Molly by the RSPCA for some ‘how to’ videos on their Youtube channel.

Molly’s new book The Textbook of Rabbit Medicine itself is aimed primarily at Veterinary surgeons and students.


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