THE RSPCA and Cats Protection League are joining forces for a cat neutering campaign at a Kingsmead vets in February.

With an astonishing amount of un-neutered cats in the Northwich, Winsford and Middlewich areas, the campaign offers owners a chance to get their pet neutered and micro-chipped for £10 at Ark Veterinary Surgery, on Regency Way.

Cats over the age of four months can be neutered and RSPCA inspector Nadine Pengilly is encouraging owners to utilise the opportunity.

“We are hoping to get as many cats neutered before March before we get over run with cats and unwanted litters of kittens in the spring,” she said.

“Micro-chipping is the best thing you can do for your pet, because if your pet gets lost or injured we are able to trace the cat back to its original owner very quickly.”

Neutering is beneficial for numerous reasons; un-neutered male cats mark their territory with a nasty smell, they stray long distances away from home, they fight with other male cats and often getting badly infected wounds such as abscesses on their face.

Un-neutered cats can also transmit feline HIV between themselves either by fighting or sexual contact and un-neutered females can have up to five litters a year, which could result in up to 25,000 offspring in five years.

Cats breed amongst themselves which can lead to inbreeding in multi cat households; this can produce birth defects or abnormalities and deformities.

Un-neutered female cats get attacked by local un-neutered toms and often end up in road traffic accidents when trying to run away.

Please call Ark on 01606 810777 to book your cat in for neutering.

The RSPCA and Cats Protection League are overrun with unwanted cats and kittens, if you would like to adopt a cat please contact Julia Tucker (RSPCA) on 0161 2862503 or Sharmaine (CPL) on 01270 588710.