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  • "My daughter referred me to this article a couple of days ago, and I didn't quite believe it. So, my internet search got me to here. Anyway, I have walked past that half sunken boat every night in the dark for about a month. Always a bit scary going along the path at the side of the River Weaver, but it keeps my senses in tune.....

    About 2 weeks ago, in the copse area opposite the boat (across the path) in the pitch dark, I heard an animal moving. I'm used to being spooked by the occasional fox, and rabbits, but this followed me for about 5 yards so I flicked on my pen torch and got 2 green eyes about 7 inches from the ground at about 10 metres distance. If I was to guess, the eyes were about the same distance apart as a human's eyes.

    I remained calm, but sort of quickened my step and kept checking behind me.

    No idea what it was, but perhaps the same creature that has been reported?

    I'm not walking that way any more in the dark........."
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The beast of Acton Bridge

Northwich Guardian: The beast is expected to look something like this (file picture) The beast is expected to look something like this (file picture)

HAVE you seen the beast of Acton Bridge?

A reader alerted the Guardian to sightings of a black, big cat-like creature prowling close to the River Weaver.

The Acton Bridge resident believes a dog has recently gone missing in the area and other local animals have been injured.

The concerned resident wrote to Guardian and said: “My father-in-law insists that he has twice seen a large black panther like cat prowling near the boat wreck at the locks near Acton Bridge.

“He has spoken to a local man who says that a dog has recently gone missing and other animals have been attacked.”

However, Nadine Pengilly, RSPCA inspector for the area, believes a panther strolling the countryside around Acton Bridge is very unlikely.

“I doubt it very much," she said. "If there was a panther it would kill all the cows and livestock down there.

“You do get some larger cats that could’ve been mistaken for a panther or big cat.

“I can’t for one minute believe that there’s a panther, I think it was probably just a big cat as otherwise there’d be a lot more damage.

"We do have lots of black cats though if anyone wants to adopt one!”

If you have witnessed any unusual goings-on, or seen what you believe to be the beast of Acton Bridge, then leave your comments below.


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