A MOUSTACHIOED fundraiser has vowed never to give up his charitable work after his efforts last year saved his life.

Maurice Dobson raised £150 with a Movember challenge in 2012, which paid for prostate cancer testing at Moulton Royal British Legion and caught his own early warning signs.

The 73-year-old granddad said: “Four or five men at Moulton club were found to have a high PSA, they’ve been to the doctors, been given drugs and it’s helped them,” he said.

“I had my test done at Moulton and I was one of those men – I was saved by it.

“I will never stop doing Movember and fundraising for it now.”

Maurice, who lives in Riddings Lane, in Hartford, but attends a lads’ club at Moulton British Legion, has almost trebled last year’s fundraising with a £350 total this year.

He will donate the cash to Winsford man Gary Steele, chairman of the Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group, who organised last year’s tests.

Testing sessions are informal and involve a quick and painless finger prick test.

Maurice said: “It costs £12 to have a man tested so £350 is going to cover a lot.”