A BARNTON school is set to enjoy a brand new mini bus after receiving sponsorship from of one of the finest wine companies in Europe.

Rosebank School, on Townfield Lane, was presented the bus by Pieroth, after raising money with the help of children’s charity, Variety.

The school raised £10,000 through charity events such as special dinner evenings, raffles and quiz nights, with the outstanding funds gathered through Variety and sponsor Pieroth.

And Rosebank headteacher Judith McGuiness believes the new mini bus will provide a huge boost to the school, who cater for primary aged pupils with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and social and communication difficulties.

“The bus we had was getting pretty old and was on its last legs,” she said. “So it’s taken us a while to raise the funds.

“The fund raising has been going on for a long time, with the Friends of Rosebank Parent Teacher Association holding fund raising events over the last few years and managing to raise the £10,000.

“A huge part of our curriculum is the children learning that outside they have different responsibilities and can use different skills.

“We take them out to experience different educational activities every week on the bus. The pupils get to do things such as horse riding, swimming and trampolining.”