A GREENFINGERED schoolgirl is hoping to become the nation’s young gardener of the year.

Faye Ashley, a year four pupil at Weaverham’s Wallerscote Community Primary School, has entered supermarket giant Morrison's Young Gardener of the Year 2013.

Faye, who loves nature and is a keen gardener both in the school's garden club and at home, had to send her entry advising why she should be considered Morrison's Young Gardener of the Year.

Faye said the gardening club had given her a fun new hobby, with highlights including planting, growing, harvesting and cooking potatoes into mash, chips, roast and jackets.

"It was a great feeling eating something that I have grown," she said.

Mrs Hulse, ECO-coordinator, added: "Faye loves gardening and nature and has a natural thirst, desire and gift for it.

“She works really hard and is so keen for the gardening club to start again in the spring. As a school we are so proud of her entering the competition and wish her every success."

Faye has grown sunflowers and radishes, her granddad’s favourite, along with juicy tomatoes and strawberries from seed.

She has planted wild flowers and Buddleia plants to attract the bees and butterflies to aid pollination.

Faye also noticed tracks in her garden at home, which she thought were hedgehogs. She put food out to encourage them to stay and was rewarded one summer night after dark.

An excited Faye added: "The hedgehog has kept the garden pest free!"