ONE Weaverham kitchen whizz certainly brought Ken Dodd lots and lots of happiness when she rustled up and personally delivered a homemade cake to the much-loved comedian.

Meg Steward, 74, combined two of her favourite pastimes, Doddy and baking, to create a personalised cake of the entertainer and his puppet Dicky Mint.

A former owner of The Cottage Loaf Bakery on Northwich Road, Mrs Steward admitted presenting her work to 85-year-old Dodd at his show on September 1 was a career highlight.

“Dicky Mint is Doddy’s favourite puppet,” explained the mum of three.

“But he doesn’t profess to be a ventriloquist, he’s just a natural, he doesn’t try at all.

“There’s never a blue joke, he’s just very, very funny, and how on earth he manages to remember all those I just don’t know.”

However, Mrs Steward thought she had missed her opportunity when Dodd’s notoriously long show overran and she was about to begin her journey back to London.

“This delightful person came running out,” she added. “He greeted all these people who were waiting for him, but the cake was still covered up at this stage.

“God love him, he made all the right noises when he saw it, even if he didn’t he said he loved it, that I’d got all the right colours and that he’d donate it to Alder Hey.

“We’d been down to the stage door afterwards and waited and waited, eventually it got to 10 past one and we thought we’d have to go, but just as we got in the car his PA came running out saying he was on his way.”

Previous recipients of Mrs Steward’s cakes include the Queen and Richard Whiteley, but the keen baker was forced to call on daughter Suzanne Wilson’s help to finish off her Doddy special.

“I was having trouble with the puppet’s hair and had trailed all the shops in Weaverham looking for liquorice strips,” she added.

“In the end I got my daughter on the trail around the stores in Northwich and she managed to find some in one of the old-style sweet shops – they made the best curly hair.”