STORIES of the Beatles crowning Northwich’s carnival queen in 1963 have prompted more memories of the fab four from Guardian readers.

Former Guardian reporter Pam Beddard wrote to us after Barbara Turner said she had heard that the Beatles had lunch at George Harrison’s aunt’s house before the event 50 years ago.

Pam said: “Barbara Turner was given incorrect info when told that The Beatles were collected from the Leftwich home of a relative of George Harrison.

“It was actually Paul McCartney’s aunt, Mrs Avril Tobin, who lived on Woodside Terrace (the road where I grew up and where my Mum still lives).

“Pre-fame, the boys were fairly regular visitors while they criss-crossed the North West playing gigs.

“They can’t always have felt welcome, though.

“On one occasion my brother, then aged about three, took such exception to their long hair and smoking that he doused John and Paul with a full bucket of water!

“It’s good to know The Fab Four’s visit to the carnival is being remembered – even if Beatlemania did make it very scary for those of us on the stage.

“And Barbara is to be congratulated on tracking down so many participants from then.

“Here’s hoping that everyone has a really happy day.”

Mike Beddard, Pam’s mischievous brother from this story, also got in touch.

“I was actually aged five and playing mud pies with my mate Barbra Heath in the garden of Pat and Frank Green on Woodside Terrace," he said.

“Paul McCartney asked what my name was but my mum said never talk to strangers so l chucked a bucket of water over his head!”

He added: "The boys were fantastic really, Ringo was by far the nicest one of the lot he made us laugh and had an amazing smile.

"He set up his drum kit on the lawn and did his stuff, whilst the others strummed and practised their songs.

"John was always miserable, he signed his fag packet and gave it to Pat Green which she kept until a few years back and then binned it.

"Unfortunately, Paul was like a Scouse Tigger, a coiled spring, which spooked Barbara and myself so he got the water boarding!

"He was more shocked than anything and it was only a Jack and Jill painted tin bucket, so wasn't exactly a drenching."

"They took a gang of kids from our street down to the park on Witton Park to play on the swings, but Barbara and I were sadly too young.

"If only we had cameras then and asked for autographs.

"But actually the memories are worth far more to me, as we grew up listening to Hard Days Night, Yesterday, Elinor Rigby.... it would instantly take us back to our childhood, those happy days when the boys would arrive in their unreliable van, calling on Mr Heath to lift the bonnet and check it out.

"It was just a normal Friday / Saturday in our street, we were the only family with a phone then, Paul would ring my Mum saying could you tell auntie Avril we will be calling!

"Such happy days."