NIGHT buses from Northwich to three of its major villages are being cut because of a lack of passengers.

From March 3, the last weekday bus from the town centre to Weaverham will be at 9.25pm, the last bus to Barnton will be at 8pm and the last bus to Rudheath will be 9pm.

Current services see the last weekday bus from Watling Street to Weaverham at 11.25pm, and the last to Barnton and Rudheath at 11pm.

The change follows a review by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) and service operator Arriva.

Weaverham man Dave Marsden, from Barrymore Road, said: “Now that work has started to improve the town with a leisure centre, cafes, restaurants, bars, a new cinema etc I can't help wondering who is going to use them.

“It has just been announced that the bus service timetable is to undergo major changes.

“If I use the leisure centre in the evenings, which may include having some refreshment, I will need to use public transport to get back home.

“However, from 3rd March, that will not be possible, as the last bus to Weaverham will leave Northwich at 9.30pm.

“Although the times vary slightly, it is the same to Barnton and Rudheath.

“No-one will want to visit the town in the evenings if they have to leave at 9.30pm to get back home.

“How many millions of pounds are being spent on these facilities while CWAC are removing the ability for people get home having used them?”

A spokesman for CWAC said: “We have an ongoing review of all our services and monitor passenger usage with Arriva.

“Passenger figures towards this time of night, after 8pm, drop off with just one or two people using it.

“We have to prioritise where we spend our money and this isn’t a sustainable service at that time of night.

“But we constantly review passenger numbers and if demand is there we will put on extra services or extend the time back into the evening.

“At the moment, usage isn’t justifying the expenditure.”