A HOCKEY enthusiast from Wincham is hoping to share his love of the sport by forming his own team in Northwich.

Sam Miller made the decision to form Northwich Predators Inline Hockey Club earlier this year after a lifelong love of all things hockey took hold.

“When I was younger I played ice hockey at Altrincham Ice Rink,” said the 22-year-old, who works as a trader for The Hut Group.

“But when they closed it and knocked it down I drifted away from the sport.

“In the last few years I have rediscovered my passion for the sport and after a couple of seasons watching Manchester Phoenix, I had the urge to play.”

Unable to afford the cost of travelling or the entry fees for nearby ice rinks, Sam turned his attention to roller hockey.

“In-line roller hockey is very similar to ice hockey but it’s played on inline roller blades instead,” explained Sam.

After discovering Northwich no longer had its own roller hockey team, Sam decided to take matters into his own hands but is struggling to find fellow lovers of the sport.

He said: “So far I’ve struggled to find people with the same love and passion that I have for the sport but I’m slowly but surely getting members together.

“I’m looking to get at least 10 people together to start having weekly training sessions and then hopefully we can progress into friendly games and eventually get a team together to start playing some of the other teams in the area.

“The members I have so far are some of my friends who have already played the sport before or love the sport and want to have a go at playing it.”

Sam added: “Roller hockey is one of the fastest, most exciting sports that can be played. The aim is simple – to get the puck into your opponents net.”

For more information on Northwich Predators, or to contact Sam, visit facebook.com/northwichpreds or email northwichpredators@live.com