SHOPPERS can travel to Northwich with ease after Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) confirmed it will be reinstalling the bus stop in Witton Street.

Bus provider Arriva stopped serving Witton Street last September after improvements between the library and Venables Road made it unsafe for buses to navigate the road.

Since then, shoppers have been unable to get off directly in Witton Street, causing a knock on effect for traders.

On contacting Arriva, the Guardian was informed that highway changes, including the narrowing of the road and widening of the pavement, had led them to avoid Witton Street.

A spokesperson for Arriva said: “Unfortunately the alterations have resulted in Arriva being unable to safely run a bus down the street.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but safety must be our priority at all times.”

Despite this, CWAC is determined to reinstall the bus stop in Witton Street, with plans to consult local bus drivers in the coming weeks as to where it should be located.

It says the road has been specifically designed to take buses, with the difficulty caused by drivers parking where they shouldn’t.

A spokesman for CWAC said: “We can confirm that a replacement bus stop will be installed in Witton Street.

“The new road layout has been designed to take buses, with a wide corner so large vehicles can turn with ease.

“Unfortunately, some drivers are currently choosing to park in this area which makes it extremely difficult for buses to pass.

“We are addressing this problem by introducing clearer parking restrictions with additional signs.

“Once these signs are in place, which we expect will happen within the next couple of weeks, we will invite local bus drivers on site to help identify the best location for the new bus stop.”