James Higgins: The first film I ever saw was Grease at the Regal Cinema in the 1970s I will never forget it.

It was quite appropriate that the last film they showed was Grease in 2007.

I have some fantastic memories of some of the films they showed like Back to The Future I, II and III.

And the first date I ever went on I took the lucky lady to the Regal Cinema I was only 16 at the time.

But there is a 10 to 15 minute film about the Regal called A Regal Ending, it was on You Tube it’s a great tribute to the Regal Cinema.

Peter Barratt: I remember sitting in the courting double seats with my then girl friend watching Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando.

A scratched message was put up on the screen ‘President Kennedy shot’ to be followed later in the evening by another scratched message ‘Kennedy dead’. The sense of shock in the cinema was palpable.

Unforgetable memories.

Shaz Riley: It’s so sad to see The Regal being demolished.

We started going when we were at primary school, thinking we were so grown up, and eventually as adults.

I have so many wonderful memories of that beautiful place.

Every Sunday we used to go regardless of the film. Must have been 30 motorbikes outside. Then afterwards to the chippy.

The atmosphere was one I will never forget and could never replace.

Wish it could have been saved. I cried when I saw it being pulled down. End of an era. So, so sad.

Dominic Lonsdale: I have some great memories of the Regal Cinema, we always sat on the same row, Regal Two did have comfier seats though Regal One had a better atmosphere!

Jaws was one of the first films I saw, scared the pants off us so much we went at least three times!

The cinema was a main source of entertainment when I was younger and we went nearly every week – most popular films were ET and Grease without a doubt – happier times for the town when it all looked cared for and we didn't have a doddery, useless council who have promised so much over the years and delivered nothing except unwanted supermarkets and charity shops! The staff, the foyer and bar (while it lasted) were all great, I can still hear the Pearl and Dean advert even now!

We used it regularly then and would regularly use a new cinema now if we had one! I'm sure others feel the same way , perhaps?

Victoria Webb: I loved your article on the Guardian website about the Regal it brought back some brilliant memories and some things I had forgotten!

My partner and I went on our first date there as teenagers and 17 years later we have a little girl who we would've loved to have taken to the Regal but it was not to be.

My best/worst memory was of us going to watch 'Romeo & Juliet' and one of the ushers with the gravity defying beehives shining a torch on us kissing in the back row and announcing 'Well, I see we have our very own Romeo & Juliet right here at the Regal!' at the time we were mortified but we still laugh about it to this day.

We also remember the ushers selling ice cream tubs with wooden spoons in the interval & the 'posh' toilets located close to Screen Two.

I had my very first cinema trip as a child to the Regal to see Bambi and loved nothing more than going to choose a Betamax video tape from the huge selection in the lobby to take home on loan.

We will never forget the Regal.

Carol Menzies: Regal Northwich I remember:- that big mural in the foyer that was about the flooding in Northwich, buying sweets at the shop across the road because they were too dear in the cinema (even in those days!), queueing up out on the pavement to see blockbusters and the manager coming out and counting people in, the manager always had a smart suit on, queueing three nights to see Jaws and finally getting in, Regal getting its second screen, Sunday night was always Hammer House of Horrors night, and I think Monday they always changed the film for the coming week, couples stampeding to get to the double seats down the sides of each aisle, going to the cinema for the first time and seeing Bambi with my mum and sister, if the film went on too late then people would run out for the last bus back to Weaverham.

Loads of memories for an oldie like me.

Barbara Holt: Precious memories of the double seats, under the clock, with my first boy friend (recently died!!).

We were 14/15, so innocently ‘in love’... I only remember parts of Around the World in 80 Days, lots of cuddling and snogging !...Magic!

Mike Talbot-Butler: My memories of the Regal go back to 1951 when I came to the town at a time when the Plaza and the Pavilion provided very good cinematic opposition.

The back row at the Regal was the place to be, however, with its comfortable double seats. My girlfriend Wyn (now wife of 55 years) and I used to hold hands there every Friday night whatever was showing. Couldn't go on Saturdays because I was either playing cricket for Northwich or reporting on Vics for the Guardian.

The one snag was that the show used to finish at 10.40 pm and Wyn's last bus to Acton Bridge was at 10.35 pm. So she left early – by mutual agreement – and I had to ring up next day and tell her how the film finished. We got round that eventually when I bought a motor bike and we were able to stay until the end.

Happy Days.