RESIDENTS are frustrated after their plans to resurface a potholed road and footpath have hit a stumbling block.

Laburnum Road, in Davenham, is unadopted by highways authority Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) which means that property owners along the road have to pay for improvements themselves.

After years of discussion the residents have agreed on a quote for the work and are all willing to contribute, but one of the frontages, Bargain Booze, whose customers park in the road, refuses to join in yet.

Luke Cannon, one of the residents, said: “The houses and bowling green have all come to agreement and are all willing to pull together but Bargain Booze has said it doesn’t want to.”

Fellow resident David Ellis said: “What we want is to make it a street people would like to walk down or cycle down with their kids on to the field and use the amenities.

“The footpath is an absolute disgrace, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

He added: “In the 80s you didn’t have the traffic down here but since Bargain Booze has opened we get lots of traffic – people come down here and turn around and wagons deliver to the shop.”

Laburnum Road leads to Laburnum Road playing field, which has been recently redeveloped by Davenham Parish Council to include better play facilities, picnic benches and a properly drained football pitch.

Residents said this has also increased traffic and footfall using the road.

Thelma Ellis said: “Although it’s nice to see children playing football there, we have to tell people over and over again that we have to fund this road – I don’t think people in Davenham are aware that we have to pay for it.”

Work cannot be carried out until all frontages are in agreement.

Alison Lewis, who has run Davenham’s Bargain Booze for 19 years, said: “I’m not ready to have it re-done at the moment.

“We had it done about 12 months ago, I had the part resurfaced that belongs to the shop so I’m not looking to do it at the moment.

“We usually do it as and when it requires it.”