BUSINESS owners say something needs to be done now if they are to survive the ongoing improvements on Witton Street.

The works are part of a £500,000 regeneration of the town centre, and will see Witton Street transformed between the library and Venables Road, but traders say that despite “looking pretty”, the improvements have killed off their trade.

Sue Greenwood, owner of the Melting Pot Cafe on Witton Street, says she has been the most affected by the roadworks.

“My cafe is on the corner of Witton Street and Meadow Street – it is right in the middle of where all the roadworks have been - we’ve been cut off from both sides,” said Sue.

“People can’t get to me because of the way the roadworks have been set up – they have to walk all the way around to get to me and people just aren’t bothering - it’s like an assault course out there.

“I’m having maybe one or two customers a day – sometimes there’s just no point even getting up in a morning it’s so quiet.”

Last week, the Guardian reported how Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) will not be paying compensation to traders on Witton Street, despite many suffering serious loss of trade throughout the improvements.

Sue said: “It’s all well and good the Council saying it’s going to look pretty once it’s all done.

“We want them to do something about the here and now, not when it looks ‘pretty’ – it will be too late then.”

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