Yali Cabernet Franc 2009, £7.99, Morrisons

Cabernet Franc isn't often found on its own outside France's Loire region – it's usually mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon and others in classic Bordeaux blends, writes Nick Nunn.

That's why it is particularly interesting to find the grape coming out of Chile's Colchagua Valley.

The enterprising winemakers at Yali have produced a lovely 13.5% wine that has raspberries and strawberries but also a chocolate and plum richness at a good price.

Yalumba Viognier 2011, £8.99

Morrison's Australia's oldest family-owned winery is a rare creature in these days of global conglomerates and so too are wines made with the Viognier grape which began life in the Rhone Valley before being taken around the new wine world to California, South America and Australia.

Northwich Guardian: This week's wine choices

Honeysuckle, lemon and lychees and the main flavours and this white tastes particularly good with Thai and other far eastern foods as well as Chinese.