Blason Saint-Veran 2009, £7.32, Sainsbury's

The first of two fairly well-known labels but the point about them is that each is discounted by several pounds and therefore a very decent buy, writes Nick Nunn.

This is a very decent, affordable white French Burgundy and the Chardonnay grapes it is made from give you a light taste with lots of pineapple flavour with a little added apricot.

The alcohol level is 13% but there's none of the heavy, buttery wham that you get with some New World Chardonnays.

St Hallett Gamekeeper's Reserve 2009, £6.65, Sainsbury's

There's more than £3 off this old favourite - a quality red Aussie blend that's been around for a few years and clearly has a decent following.

South Australia's famed Barossa Valley is its home and spicy Shiraz is the main grape but you also have the strong raspberry flavours of Grenache and a dash of Portugal's native Touriga which is better known as the basis of Port.

The result is 13.5% and goes great with duck or gamey meats.