THEATRE REVIEW: Saturday Night And Sunday Morning Manchester Royal Exchange By RICK BOWEN ARTHUR Seaton is our rebel without a cause.

While he rails against ‘the system’, this silver tongued lothario is far too busy chasing women to man the barricades.

More than 50 years after the film was released, Saturday Night And Sunday Morning still has the power to captivate and while Seaton is gloriously selfish, it’s very difficult not to fall under the spell of his Brylcreemed charm.

Perry Fitzpatrick gets the balance just right in the Royal Exchange Theatre’s production of Sillotoe’s masterpiece, switching between mean and moody and tender and romantic with effortless aplomb.

Fitzpatrick may be an Exchange debutant but, on this evidence, he’s sure to be invited back.

Now I’m a bit of a Matthew Dunster fan and this is yet another memorable production from a man I regard as one of the most exciting directors around. The scene in which Arthur finally gets his comeuppance is particularly well done.

While Fitzpatrick is a powerful presence, there are excellent performances from the actresses who play the women in Arthur’s life. Particularly Clare Galbraith as Brenda, a woman bored of a stable but dull marriage.

Pieces like Saturday Night And Sunday Morning may evoke memories of what seems like a simpler age, but as the story unfolds you soon realise life was just as complicated as it is today. Outstanding.

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