FOR more than a century, generations of children have grown up with The Jungle Book.

And for almost 50 years, youngsters have watched Disney's animated version of Rudyard Kipling's treasured story.

So it seems an appropriate time for the tale of 'man cub' Mowgli to be given an update for the 21st century.

Thousands of people will remember singing along to Bare Necessities with Baloo the Bear and Mowgli and the first time they saw the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan.

So it has never been so important for the heart of a story to remain in tact.

Thankfully director Jon Favreau, who was just one when the original film came out, has lovingly brought this live action version to life.

If you need a recap, The Jungle Book is about an abandoned 'man cub' called Mowgli who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle under the watchful eye and protection of panther Bagheera.

The story follows the dangers he faces, the characters he meets and the impact on his jungle home when he is forced to flee from ruthless Shere Khan.

Favreau, known for the Iron Man films, is clearly a fan of the original with this remake coming across more as a homage than a re-imagining.

Charming, young newcomer Neel Sethi will win you over as Mowgli and the voice actors seem to love it too.

Bill Murray is perfectly cast as Baloo who is as lazy and mischievous as he is loyal and courageous.

Idris Elba is menacing as Shere Khan, Ben Kingsley brings a noble quality to Bagheera and The Force Awaken's Lupita Nyong'o brings out the mother in Mowgli's adoptive wolf parent, Raksha.

It is amazing the wonders filmmakers can work with live action films set in the animal kingdom. It makes you imagine what they could do with other Disney classics like The Lion King.

But another wonder is how this story has survived the test of time. It remains as timeless as ever.